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Apr 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
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FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, they shake their head. they get half of this stuff wouldn't be prevented like with adam lanza. let the schools decide whether they want an armed guard just like sandy hook did on their own. >> eric: and we are seeing states and towns doing what they want in the gun laws. >> dana: new york school district has pretty effective program. i think it's finding, best practices are used where it seemed to 6 work. new york school system might be one that could be replicated across the board but if you are in small rural district that may not make sense. so i'm for local control and parents and students involved. i do think there will be a bill. i don't think it's a dead on arrival. it will be a on weaker one but there will be a set of principles that most americans will be able to agree on. that is what our constitution is. i don't understand there is some kind of honor code, extra honor code. >> they don't trust us. >> eric: few senators, they said no matter what the bill is they were going to filibuster. what are your shots. >> brian: the outline was beautiful. guess what? you like the co
Apr 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
of someone who is going to do horror is too many. >> but how do you know, wayne? adam lanza -- i'll give you the floor. adam lanza, his mother was a legal gun owner. how do you know this person, that his mother, would not have obeyed the law and limited the magazine clip and then adam lanza would have been limited to ten rounds instead of 30? >> megan, people that know guns -- you can change magazine clips in a second. there's no evidence that, you know, that anything would have changed. >> so you go to the gun salesman, mayor, and you go to buy a 30-round clip and he says, don't waste your money, young man, because, you know, you can change those magazines really fast in a manner of seconds. you just take the ten-round one. this is the stupidest argument. they want the 30-round clips because they want to have access to them for hunters, i guess. i don't know who, or people defending themselves in their homes against the government. but, you know, yet they say we can flick this thing out of here in ten seconds. apparently up in newtown, luckily, it's not that easy for a nut to change clips.
Apr 2, 2013 10:00pm PDT
important stories. first, haunting questions. who was adam lanza? >> adam had episodes where he would completely withdraw. >> and what clues are there in his relationship with his mother? >> he was never violent. she never feared him. >> nancy lanza is the person adam was closest to in the world. if we can begin to understand adam's relationship with nancy, we probably can begin to understand adam. >> and in our second story, a town divided over guns. >> when they pass a law that violates the constitution, i will not comply. >> and how the shootings have moved grieving newtown residents to join the debate. >> you have a tremendous power. and the fact that you're from newtown is even more important. >> we cannot be defined as a culture that accepts this. >> things must change. this is the time. >> these two stories in this special edition frontline. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation,
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
same arguments if adam lanza were alive. could you imagine people defending adam lanza? why are they defending him and not adam lanza? >> to your point, greg, it's a natural fit as well. you think how two gay men would be treated in the streets of are a mullah. this is something republicans and democrats should be united on. chechna, not exact lay western european country. it's been radiculopathyized. the chechens believe in shia law. they support honor killings. you know what? another thing. this radical sheik on college universities did a red flag not tryingner anybody's brain with a license plate terrorista. global elitism. all religions are the same, the bible is the same as the koran. which it is not, and our own fbi stripped the word radical jihad from our own manuals and we wonder why. >> you cannot put this back on universities in america and all the rest. the fbi. >> you sure can. it's one piece. >> the fbi did not act the way they did because of political correctness. they acted the way they did because they were incompetent. >> why was the fort hood shooter allowe
FOX News
Apr 9, 2013 10:00am PDT
, but said the disease flared up last year and nancy lanza claims that adam lanza had been diagnosed with autistic form of asperger's syndrome and sensory perception disorder that prevented him from recognizing pain and recoil from physical touch. two weeks before the newtown shooting nancy lanza found gruesome pictures in her son's room, writing, i'm quoting here, one drawing had a woman clutching a religious item like rosary beads and hold ago child and she was getting all shot up in the back with blood flying everywhere. friends said she was disturbed boy the picture and never confronted her son. and go on to say that adam lanza was that his mental illness would not allow him to follow in the footsteps of his uncle who was a green beret and went into police work after that. very revealing. >> megyn: and speak to a possible motive in connection with the newtown shootings. trace, thank you. coming up, we're going to take a very close look at these e-mails and why on earth this mother wouldn't have done something. knowing what she knew about her son when she found those drawings in h
Apr 6, 2013 4:00am PDT
view gun sales lost the firearms sales license 20 days after a newtown massacre. adam lanza's mother bought a rival there. >>> a hepatitis scare in a new york city after a restaurant worker tested positive for the disease. anybody that had dessert between march 23rd and april 2nd there at the restaurant should be tested. employees will be doing the same. >> in the front and back of the house will be getting a shot no later than monday. >> i am shocked. i love this place. great service and food and i recommend it to a lot of people. i am surprised. >>> an ohio family was cold and wet but happy to be rescued after 24 miserable hours in the florida everglades. they spent the night in the air board after it was stuck in a cypress tree. the father says everything was great until it wasn't. >> took a wrong turn. had a great fishing trip. the boys had fun. wife was having fun. came to the end to the one canal and took a right and couldn't get the boat turned around. >> a state official says it was a good thing he was used to the outdoors. he built his family shelter on the boat to protect t
FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 10:00am PDT
, for adam lanza, which you called despicable. how so? >> how so? well, one thing that we know about these types of mass murderers, that they look for the limelight. they look for immorality through their own atrocities, and for legislators to only find a political response to somebody else's atrocities is just more victories for the perpetrator of the crimes and more punishment for those that have done nothing wrong to begin with and that to me is fundamentally flawed. it's not america. >> megyn: in that clip we ran before we went to break, you were talking about evil, you know trying to prevail on the lawmakers to see that evil exists. adam lanza commits a crime and i'm here to grovel for my rights and explain that my firearms are kept safely. you can't find a broad-brushed solution to evil. do you think that what folks have been grappling with here? >> i don't know who you're referring to as folks. if you're talking about the lawmakers. >> megyn: lawmakers. >> yeah, sure, if you're talking about the lawmakers, the only thing they apparently know how to do is pick out the easy targ
FOX News
Apr 4, 2013 10:00am PDT
affected say if adam lanza, the shooter at newtown had not had 30-round magazines, if he'd only had ten rounds in the guns, more children would have lived. your thoughts? >> well, i think the problem with what connecticut did, megyn shall the criminals, the drug dealers, the people that are going to do more and terror, they aren't going to cooperate. all you're doing is making the law books thicker for the law abiding people. i mean, from the very start, my thought is how little it has to do with keeping kids safe and how much it has do do with this decade-long agenda against firearms that the political-- some of the political class and the media have had. what n.r.a. is focused on is what they'll make people say, if you're going to stop something horrible from happening in the schools, put police officers or armed security in every school. fix the broken mental health system that's broken from one end of this country to the other and the third thing, one gun or one round in the hand of a criminal or somebody mentally dangerous is too many. and we need to get that person off the street.
Apr 2, 2013 4:00am PDT
gun limits in u.s. the bill includes a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines like those that adam lanza used to fire 154 shots in 4 minutes at sandy hook elementary school. >>> in the "new york times" air pollution linked to 1.2 million premature deaths in china. air pollution is the fourth leading cause of death in china. >>> the holy festival in india had its grand finale this weekend, plumes of colored powder shot into the air as thousands gathered in the streets to get covered head to toe. the rain dough procession. its festive celebration means singing, dancing and making a real mess of the streets. looks great. >>> a group of unusual protesters in russia offered their two cents on healthy eating. this gang is hoping to stamp out fatty foods. mushing up fast food under the heel of their boot. the colorful protesters showed these burgers who is boss. yeah, i don't know if i want to eat that. >>> companies every where were out for april fools' andhey probably caught a few stories too good to be true. google offered a few new features. everything from a new treasure mode on goog
Apr 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: that adam lanza had serious issues before he massre26 adultes and children was obvious to many, including, apparently, his own mother. aurora movie theater shooter james holmes' psychiatrist was so concerned she report him to campus police. yet, near lanza nor holmes would have been flagged nay background check, not lanza because it was his mother who bought the weapons, and not holmes, because he had never been institutionalized for mental illness. criminalinologist james fox of northeastern university says mass killers are impossible to spot until after the fact. >> the irony is that these mass killings are the very kind of crimes that are least preventable bilet kind of gun legislation we're seeing today. >> the odds are that one in four of us will experience a common mental disorder in our lifetime. we can't all be put on a list so we have to build mental health that's accessible deeply in our communities. >> reporter: psychiatrist gary bell kin of new york university, want families, and teaches to be empowered as early warning system. a lot of cases of mass killings they d
Apr 3, 2013 2:00am PDT
a deadly crime scene. >>> a new photo of adam lanza is part of records released. lanza took classes there in 2008 and 2009. he refused to give his gender and denied having a documented disabled condition even though his mother told people he suffered from aspergers disease. >>> a 21-year-old from buck wild was found dead in his truck along with his uncle and friend. >>> video out of england. an atm is caught blowing up. thieves detonated the machine and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. no one was hurt. the texaco manager said they are lucky the whole station didn't explode. here is a look at what's moving your money. bertha coombs has more. >> nothing quite so explosive. futures pointing to a higher start. the dow and s&p 500 closing at new all time highs. private sector jobs and the services sector. president obama is pushing banks to make more mortgages available. "the washington post" reports the move could lead to the same risky spending that caused the housing crisis. #earnings. companies can now make major announcements on facebook and twitter that could move their
Apr 5, 2013 2:30am PDT
video game makers should make changes on their own. representing adam lanza, she said, in part, if sandy hook doesn't do it, if the knowledge of these video games this young man played doesn't, maybe we have to proceed. >>> now to business, wall street looks to close on a high streak after posting gains. the markets were encouraged by promising news out of japan. banking officials are taking stimulus actions to turn the economy around. for me, let's go to cnbc, steve joining us live from london. good friday to you, steve. >> good friday to you, as well. we are looking for good numbers out of payroll today. hopefully the fourth time in five months. the unemployment rate is set to remain around 7.7%. only 63.5% of americans are looking for full time jobs. it should be a good jobs figure. this is equivalent to a stimulus. every year, someone raises $520 billion u.s. they are trying to keep rates low and encourage businesses to spend money. it was much more aggressive than many expected. >> the most important story of the day, the see-through pant scandal that hit the yoga world, we have a v
Apr 7, 2013 6:00am PDT
not agree with me. the reason that that's important is adam lanza took ten 30-round magazines to a school to kill 26 people. and he would have killed a lot more if he had had the opportunity. but it's specific in that information is that he had ten-round magazines and he had 20-round magazines. he left those home. there was a reason he brought 30-round magazines to that school. we shouldn't be selling them anymore. quite frankly under the law -- the federal law that expired in 2004, they weren't allowed to be sold in the united states. nor were most of these weapons allowed to be sold in the united states. this is not ancient history. it's recent history, candy. >> sure. specifically to i understand the limit in your argument for the limits on the magazines, but on the pre-existing magazines, those that have already been sold, how does having people register those in the state of connecticut as required by this law, what are you attempting to do there? how does that cut down on violence? >> so that there are no new ones in our state. i mean, if you bring a magazine from another state that
Apr 10, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. they don't compel them. they enable them. high-capacity magazines allowed adam lanza to fire more than 150 rounds of ammunition in five minutes. and we know from men and women who have lost loved ones that these devices are part of the killing. they are part and parcel of the slaughter that has occurred all too often. bill sherlach, the husband of mary sherlach and who has come to washington this week to speak out against gun violence, has this to say about high-capacity magazines and his wife mary is with us in this picture today. quote, "it's just simple arithmetic. if you have to change magazines 15 times instead of 5 times, you have three times as many incidents as where something could jam, something could be bottled. you increase the time for intervention. you increase the time frame where kids can get out, and there's 11 kids out there today that are still running around on the playground pretty much now at lunch time." end of quote. another sandy hook family member with us today, nicole hockley, the mother of dylan hockley said the following -- quote -- "we looked at the search war
FOX News
Apr 8, 2013 4:00pm PDT
obtained hundreds of emails that adam lanza's mother sent her friends. investigators say adam lanza killed his mother before murdering 20 first graders and six adults in december's shooting massacre in newtown, connecticut. unclear what this genetic disorder mother meant. she claimed it was slowly killing her as well. the shooter reportedly had as berger's syndrome which is is on the autism spectrum. today president obama traveled to connecticut where he met with the families of the victims. he spoke about the tragedy as well as the gun control debate. >> if there is even one thing we can do to protect our kids, don't we have an obligation to try? if there is even one step we can take to keep somebody from murdering dozens of innocents in the span of minutes, shouldn't would he be taking that step? >> shepard: well, keep in mind connecticut's democratic governor last week sign noofd law some of the strictest gun control legislation in our nation. ed henry is on the top story at the bottom of the hour. live at the white house tonight. it find kind of feels like this debate has reached a cri
Apr 21, 2013 8:30am PDT
. if you say, it this law had been passed would it have prevented adam lanza? the sad answer is no it would not. adam lanza was not in any database indicating he had mental illness because all that information is kept very private. it's kept very confidential. if we're really going to improve here, if we're really going to be honest with these people you had on the show and prevent-- or attempt to prevent another sandy hook-- you've got to do something about how secretive all of these mental health records, the privacy aspect of it. it's one thing to say you have a background check and a database. it's another thing to say the information is not in the database. so you've got to deal with both parts of it. and i think that would have made a much more difficult vote for those people who voted against it. i would have voted for it in any event but i think it would have made a more difficult vote. >> i think rudy has a good point, bob. i was on the panel that investigate the the virginia tech incident and there was a gap available on the background check and what had been retained. and this in
Apr 5, 2013 4:00pm PDT
the law and limited the magazine clip and adam lanza would have been limited to 10 rounds instead of 30? >> meagan, people that know guns, you can change magazine clips in a second. there's no evidence that, you know, that anything would have changed. >> so you go to the gun salesman, mayor, and you go to buy a 30-round clip and he says, don't waste your money, young man, because you know you can change those magazines really fast in a matter of seconds. just take the ten-round one. this is the stupidest argument. they want the 30-round clips because they want to have access to them for hunters i guess. i don't know who. or people defending themselves in their homes against the government. but, you know, yet they say we can flick this thing out of here in ten seconds. apparently up in newtown, luckily, it's not that easy for a nut to change clips. >> all their arguments are crazy. that one in particular is crazy. that's wrong. if you have to change a clip, that gives a few seconds for somebody to save their lives or others to be able to assist in saving their lives. there's no question
Apr 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
in your introduction, 11 children escaped out of that classroom when adam lanza was changing magazines. 11 lives were saved by the real life example of what happens when you run out of bullets in a magazine and in a chamber. it has real-life consequencees. how could legislators look them in the eye and say, i'm not doing everything i possibly can so save another family, another community from this sort of heartache. >> the clip i played of the one newtown mom in the introduction there, one of the things she said yesterday at the bill signing is that she feels like the families who have chosen to be advocates on this, and not all of them have, but families that have chosen to ask for public policy reform in response to what happened for them, they feel they have been treated with respect. they feel like they have been heard. they feel like they have been listened to. it is hartening to hear that. for a can country tied up with the families and what they have gone through. when you work with the newtown survivors and people in that town which you represent, do you feel like that's broadly he
Apr 10, 2013 9:00am EDT
. sometimes in the early morning hours of december 14, a very disturbed, reclusive young man named adam lanza went into his mother's room and shot her dead in her sleep. a few minutes later, maybe hours later, he got into her car and drove to sandy hook elementary school. about 9:35 he shot his way through locked doors with an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle owned by his mother and he began a 10-minute rampage that left 20 children, all 6 and 7-year-olds and six adults who cared for them, dead. in ten minutes, adam lanza got off 154 rounds from a gun that could shoot up to six bullets a second. that high-powered gun assured that every single child that adam lanza shot died. lanza shot most kids multiple times. noah pozner was shot 11 times lien. the state's veteran medical examiner who had been on the job for decades said he had never, ever seen anything like this. but several children did escape. six kids were courageously hid in a classroom closet by their teacher, victoria soto who shielded her kids from the bullet bullets and died that day. five other kids ran out of the room when lanza had tro
Apr 17, 2013 9:00am EDT
impossible to know with any certainty what motivated adam lanza, the newtown shooter, but we know that he exhibited clear signs of mental disturbance. we know he had an extreme aversion to normal social life, that he didn't like physical contact. he was in and out of school. he spent time in special education classrooms. and he was home schooled by his mother. he lived in a room with blacked-out curtains and played violent video games for hours on end. we know his mother bought him assault weapons and kept an arsenal at home. we know they went target shooting together at ranges and that both were certified in gun safety. their home was a veritable weapons depot, with many firearms, more than 1,600 rounds of ammunition, sam rye swords, even a gun safe in this young man's room. it has been reported that adam compiled a spread sheet documenting hundreds of victims of mass murders, something he may have used as a measuring stick for his own sadistic plot. and we know one thing: none of this information would have been caught on a background check. and i say that although i support background
FOX Business
Apr 3, 2013 7:00pm EDT
, but what they are doing would not have stopped adam lanza had these laws been in place at the time. it will not stop a single criminal from or a single crazy person from doing the type of thing that has plagued our sessiosociety. lou: there are no measures in this to deal with issue of mental illness, and following that up on background checks. >> correct, this is a wish list for those who hate the second amendment. a dream for those who hate the second amendment. legislators, many of whom know nothing about guns and never fired them, went through a laundry list of guns and checked off ones they thought looked dangerous, many of those are plastic additions to gun to help you aim, they have nothing to to with the strength of the gun or the aim of ammunition or speed of the ammunition. lou: these measures, seem to be, to have everything to do with tragedy, for example.ation of the connecticut bill would create nation's first state wide registry for people convicted of crimes. registry, and magazines, is this -- -- employ don't realize. canada got rid of their reggistry, it was for ri
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 8:00pm PDT
say this. what if adam lanza didn't get killed, he's in jail and he's out tweeting bad things about the families of the kids he killed. he wouldn't put up for it so it's probably not a good thing. >> the fact is this opens the door for people like charles manson because you're allowing twitter accounts by proxy. people have designated twitters. so somebody tried to smuggle a cell phone into charles manson a couple weeks ago, he would probably start saying i want to tweet my daily meals and stuff like that and all of a sudden they'll have followers because people are sick and stupid, speaking of. bill, if you tweet her, perhaps she will take a liking to you and you will start dating and then she will murder you too and then we can finally get rid of you. >> i think she should follow me. she has excellent taste. donald trump, anderson cooper, dr. phil. these are all people she follows. i think you find out when you hack your boyfriend to death, claim it was self defense and that you blacked out most of it, go to jail, start lampooning everyone, that's when you know who your real frien
Apr 2, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. there's no reason. >> has there been any other clue from adam lanza's life or history? >> i prefer not to ever mention that name. i'd rather choose to honor the lives that were lost. >> after the shooting, the president invited her to the state of the union. but as we said, roig doesn't want to talk about policies or politics. she is more interested in a lesson about humanity. >> something that grew out of that day, that the world, not just our nation, but the world was sending things to our school and to my class specifically. my kids had everything -- teddy bears, cupcakes. and they deserved every single ounce of it. one day, i stepped back and i said, i need to take this time to teach my students that when you get, you have to give, because that's what ultimately makes our world a better place. we're going to find a class in the united states and make them feel how we feel right now. they were all just as excited about that process as they were getting something. >> so the first grade teacher has created a new website called "classes 4 classes." hoping to unleash a ripple effect
Apr 11, 2013 4:00pm PDT
of the newtown gunman, adam lanza. a document found the shop ranked up hundreds of violations for selling guns to felons. >> police are investigating a rolling gun battle that sent four people to the hospital and left this car riddled with bullets. investigators say 30 rounds were fired between two cars in north vallejo late last night. all four victims are expected to survive. >> san francisco police are searching for two car jackers after a chase ended a dramatic crash. the car clipped a muni bus. >> a convicted child molester is qog back to jail for violating terms of probation. a judge sentenced him to 30 days in prison after he volunteered in a church festival insolving several children. he was convicted in 2010 for lewd acts on a minor under 14. >> happening seven mid western states after a series of twisters caused damage across alabama, mississippi and arkansas. >> you can see the trail of destruction left behind in this missouri town. three touchdowns touched down just in the past hours. >> this home video captured the size of the twister that touched down in rural mississippi. >> it'
Apr 11, 2013 5:00pm PDT
elementary school shooting. they sold the guns to the mother of adam lanza. >>> immigration reform may finally be on the horizon. the gang of 8 announced today they have reached a agreement on all the major elements of sweeping legislation. they expect to unveil the bill next week. the agreement follows months of close door negotiations. the senators say at this point there are only minor details to be ironed out. >>> u.s. defense secretary testified today. he was questioned about north korea's missile capables. chuck hagel said neither are capable of attacking the united states with a nuclear missile. . >> this country is capable of dealing with any threat, any action by any country, including iran or north korea. >> chuck hagel did not rule out either country could eventually acquire a long range missile that could reach the united states. >>> the man accused of threatening to kill leyland lee was arrested in february and held without bail. ktvu channel 2 news the district attorney -- the district attorney told us a continuation of the hearing will be rescheduled. he threatened him b
FOX News
Apr 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
decide if somebody shouldn't have a gun, or if someone who has a family member at home like adam lanza, because we know, let's pull up this screen, when you look, lochner, lanza, holmes, all the horrific cases everyone of these people had run-ins and interactions with mental health professions a but it didn't help. >> right. this brings to the fore! the issue of family therapy. i believe we have the right to bear arms and i think the analysis has to start in the families that our families have to pay attention to what's happening in them and be looking for signs of mental illness, substance abuse disorders and that is where the analysis needs to start. martha: some families feel like they have nowhere to turn. i read accounts and witnesses and friends of adam lanza, she said she knew he was dangerous. there is very little recourse for somebody who knows they are living with a dangerous child. nothing more heart breaking who is hearing a from a mother who says my child is potentially dangerous. they have nowhere to go. you can't institutionalize a child who never committed a crime befor
Apr 10, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of december 14 a very disturbed reclusive young man named adam lanza went into his mother's room and shot her dead in her sleep. a few minutes later, 80 hours later he got in her car and drove to sandy hook elementary school. by 9:35 he shot his way through locked doors within ar-15 semiautomatic rifle owned by his mother and he began a ten-minute rampage that left 20 children all six and 7-year-olds and six adults who cared for them dead. in 10 minutes adam lanza got off 154 rounds from a gun that could shoot up to six lets a second. that high-powered gun assured that every single child that adam lanza shot died. and he shot most kids multiple times. adam posner was shot 11 times alone. the state medical examiner said he had never ever seen anything like this. six kids were courageously hidden in a classroom closet by their teacher victoria soto who shielded her kids from the bullets and died that day. five of the kids ran out of the room and lance had trouble reloading. five kids alive today because the shooter had to stop and switch ammunition magazines. whether it's because he had trouble
Apr 6, 2013 7:00am PDT
recordkeeping. >>> adam lanza's mother bought the bushmaster rifle there two years earlier this past week. connecticut passed a law banning the sale of high-capacity magazines like the one lanza used at sandy hook. >>> hepatitis scare in new york city after a west village restaurant worker tested positive for the disease, hepatitis a. the city's health department says anyone who had dessert at alta between march 23rd and april 27bd should get tested for hepatitis a as a precaution. workers at the restaurant will be doing the same. patrons appear to be shaken up. >> every single will be getting a shot no later than one day. >> great service. great food. i recommend it to a lot of people. i'm surprised. >> now to find out where people are increasingly worried about an unusual straen of bird flu. six people there have died from it. authorities have reacted by slaughtering ducks, geese and chickens. never before been in humans. experts say it hasn't yet transferred person to person. >>> eight hours till college basketball's biggest night. how the city of atlanta is getting ready to host the f
Apr 6, 2013 4:00pm PDT
semiautomatic was bought by adam lanza's mother two years ago. the federal agents raided the gun store after the 26 children and adults were shot to death. they did not say why the license was revoked. >>> near dallas texas this weekend investigators are stumped. both people killed -- police have some theories but no arrests. cnn's martin savage is in kaufman, texas tonight. >> reporter: it was one week ago that the district attorney and his wife were found murdered inside their home. today the mclelland family held a news conference, were very critical, very emotional and angry about how the investigation is being handled. it goes back to the original murder of mark hasse back at the end of january. and their father at the time had concerns that this county didn't have the resources to carry out the investigation and two, protect law enforcement and government officials here. here's how it was sumd up. >> not enough is being done. they're on edge right now. if someone is willing to come out and shoot the district attorney and his wife in their home, obviously their mind-set is anything else
Apr 9, 2013 12:00am PDT
record of mental illness and that person can go to a school and do exactly what adam lanza did all over again. and that to me just seems utterly ridiculous. >> well, i'm not sure what cnn has learned about what the senate is likely to do this week, but our view is that we need to have an enforceable background check that happens no matter where you buy a gun, if it's at a store or at a gun show, that is what the families of newtown have said, you know, the families of newtown that are working on this issue said in their letter to the senate. we believe -- we know that there is bipartisan support for that in the country, we believe there's also bipartisan support for that in the senate and that is what we are going to push to get done. >> jennifer, thank you very much indeed. >>> now i want to turn to the other big story of the day. tributes to margaret thatcher are pouring in from around the world. she was nothing if not controversial and they didn't call her the iron lady for nothing. listen to this from her 1980 speech at the conservative party conference. >> to those waiting with bat
Apr 11, 2013 12:00am PDT
's not going to stop another adam lanza. it won't stop another holmes, the aurora shooter, another loughner, the man who shot gabby giffords and nearly killed her. those three, in the way they went about acquiring their weapons and their high-capacity magazines and their assault rifles and so on would all be free to do exactly the same thing again. and 95% of it completely legally, up to the point they commit their atrocities. how are you going to convince the politicians in washington to listen to people like carlee and the other families? because i see that you get it. what i don't see is that the others get it. >> well, i think people of good faith can come together on this, piers, in ways that probably weren't passable before. and unfortunately for the families, this tragedy is the one event in recent american history i think that has moved people. but -- and it will take time. we've got a ways to go. this debate we'll have in the next couple days won't be the end of it, even if the background check bill passes. and i want to commend the work done by a number of senators, including pat
Apr 12, 2013 4:00pm PDT
that vested adam lanza from that shooting. >> not even close. >> to me, it could have been more insensitive if they had sung the song's annie get your gun." you have to watch the episode. reading about it is not enough. the teachers are saying things, i love you, just like the teacher in newtown did. >> do you think it was a direct -- >> it's exploited. believe me, i ups why. this is not "law & order," this show. this is a comedy/drama show. it did bump up 20% last night, so it worked. >> i don't think that's necessarily fair. edon't think they did that just for ratings. if you look at the history of the show, they always address the socially controversial issues. so this is the lexicon of the things they write about. i thought the episode was pretty tastefully done. it was suspenseful, but you did not see any violence. >> it's so bad for the parents. any newtown parents watching their kids making the last videos of their loved ones on the phone, i can only think of the parents. >> the father you heard from earlier also spoke about what upset him specifically about yesterday's episode. let
Apr 4, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >> john: exactly right. adam lanza did bring his guns into connecticut from another state. while it is excellent that the connecticut governor enacted the stricter gun controls today i want to show our viewers a map. here's a map of all of the states that are strengthening their gun control measures after sandy hook. actually, that's the wrong map. i apologize. this is a map of all of the states that are weakening gun control after sandy hook. some states are actually weakening their gun control while strengthening gun control. but it is amazing to see how many states have actually made gun control easier since this massacre. michael, why does the pro-gun movement have momentum after sandy hook than before? >> well, because they exist in a lot of these states in very big numbers, first of all. the gun lobby spends money in these states, too. the "wall street journal" article that accompanied the charts pointed out that the pro gun lobby in states in the last few years has spent something like $2.3 million compared to the gun control lobby figure in states $55,000 over the same pe
Apr 11, 2013 3:00pm PDT
that the store that sold gun adam lanza used to murder 26 people in newtown was also selling guns to convicted felons. in fact, the employee that sold that rifle to his mother, nancy lanza, had also sold ammunition to a man who he had reason to believe was a felon. the store had over 500 violations but it wasn't shut down no one after the newtown massacre, and the republicans still think we don't need tighter regulation and enforcement. >> we came here today to ask the senate to vote. we are standing here because her sister and my mom can't be. their voices need had been heard and they're going to carry through us. >> michael: after that day they and other family members watched silently as the senate voted on a bill to reprevent more families from suffering like they did. and the senate did the right thing voting to let the gun legislation come to the floor for the first time in nearly two decades. the final tally 68-31 with 16 republicans joining the democratsic majority. some of the republicans who voted with the democrats had actually pledged to block the vote but then flipped. like north
FOX Business
Apr 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
and they changed name to b456. charles: really? >> yes. charles: i never heard that. we gave china pretty adam lanza vaadvancetechnology with that d. >> it is chalked up as a sale not a failure. charles: again most of media, and it is just way it goes, like there is really no shame, no pride in what media used to be with respect to a role, if felt like media had a role, an obligation to the public, it did not matter whether they liked person they were reporting bore not. >> well -- reporting about or not. >> this is civic journalism they found something good, which is president obama. they want to push it the important thing about green engineer stuff, you look at california, they said a couple weeks ago they have been losing 10% a year on clean energy, they are getting out. but, you never read that in mainstream media, because clean tech is future, and president obama is behind it, and isn't that great, and that is the way it is. you have to go to alternative media and fox to find out reality. charles: do you technology change? do you see -- do you think it will change? any hints there will
FOX News
Apr 7, 2013 8:00am PDT
that celled a gun to adam lanza lost his firearms license. he bought the gun years ago. reports say it's unclear whether the weapon was used in the shooting. but authorities raided the store right after the tragedy, they said for undisclosed reason and it is owner has had its license revoke and the atf has not explained. lanza killed 6 adults and 22 children. >> jamie: the white house and capitol hill is bracing for a long, potentially, messy battle on gun control. >> reporter: the national rifle association enlisted asa hutchinson to lay out measures to make schools safer. he said when it comes to the school safety plan, president obama has taken the debate over gun control totally in the wrong direction. >> let me emphasize, it is not about arming teachers. teachers should teach and others should protect. it is really about providing armed officers first and then secondly, if that's not available, to have an armed school staff that's trained and selected. >> reporter: he said that government can't regulate the hearts and minds of criminals in a violent society so making gun control t
FOX News
Mar 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
or a family to commit a jared loffner, an adam lanza before they got access to guns and acted out in the horrible way but that seems to have been foregotten in all of the debate about gun control. >> well, i don't know if it has been foregotten. certainly the debate in the senate is going to -- is going to include some aspect of help for the mentally ill. what that is, you know, i'm not -- you know, i don't know what those details how that is going to turn out. but that is certainly a very important component of this. i mean to address mental illness in the country, to get the records of mental illness into the system and then to make sure that there isn't a loophole where the clearly dangerously mentally ill and criminals can get access to a gun. >> chris: thank you for joining us and we want to wish you and your wife gabby the very best, sir. >> thank you. and happy easter, chris. >> chris: happy easter to you. >> chris: up next on this easter sunday we will discuss the new pope and the challenges he faces as we talk with one of the men who elected him, washington's cardinal, do
FOX News
Apr 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
the example then. let's apply your here to adam lanza and sandy hook. he didn't have those guns registered. his mother did. >> bill: right. >> he walks in and kills. >> could not stop it. >> could not stop it. >> and there would be not one of us would feel any better. >> bill: you could stop it in chicago with that little 15-year-old girl getting gunned down. >> how? >> because if you had the registration and the cops went out and stopped and frisked and grabbed the gun, that's a 10-year federal thing. see, here is -- here is why the president doesn't have it. he won't put the punitive stuff with the registration. you have got to do both. >> you are scaring me, bill. you are encouraging this president to be even more of a status than he is. you are talking about enlarging power of the state which is now rom pantly out of control. you are talking about making it bigger. that's the last thing you should be doing. >> i'm talking about anyone caught with a weapon that isn't properly registered. has to face draconian penalties. and that keeps the guns out of the hands of criminals. makes it muc
Apr 11, 2013 1:00am PDT
they can. remember, five kids escaped. five kids escaped while adam lanza switched cartridges, and the argument that they are making is that if lanza had to switch cartridges ten times or 15 times instead of just five or six times, their kids might have escaped as well. there's nobody that can make that argument, it's a real policy argument, better than those families. second, the secret is out, the nra hasn't been doing well in elections. in 2012, they spent money in 16 u.s. senate races and they lost 13 of them, and that's even without bloomberg and giffords groups spending money in these races. so you add on top of the already bad record of the nra recently in elections, this new wave of money to support people who take them on, and i just think this is a new day. i could be proven wrong. 20 years has gone by since we passed serious gun legislation, but i think this is significant. >> senator chris murphy, democrat of connecticut. it's been a real pleasure to talk to you over the course of this as we've seen it evolve. i think you've been astute in being able to explain wha
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